How to fence a garden with chicken wire

I know all of the gardeners have a beautiful garden! Gardening is an addictive hobby and it feels amazing to see your own hard work giving you healthy & nutritious veggies or nice beautiful flowers blooming.

What if some unwanted animals and people enter your garden and make a disturbance? How awkward is that, right?

Don’t worry. To avoid this disturbance you’ll just need to have a fence around your garden and chicken wire is one of the best solutions for that.

If you’re thinking about how a chicken wire can be your solution then let me tell you, you can use chicken wires to the fence around to your garden. It won’t block the mesmerizing beauty of the garden. So, you as well as other people can see the natural beauty of your garden.

Also, you won’t have to worry about your nice fairing garden as they will be protected from the naughty kids & animals. This article will help you by providing all the necessary information about how you can build your garden fence with chicken wire to protect your garden.

To build a fence with chicken wires you’ll need to know about the types of wires first.

Types of chicken wire:

  1. a) Chicken Wire
  2. b) Poultry Netting
  3. c) 1/2″ Welded Wire
  4. d) 1″ Welded Wire
  5. e) 1/2″ x 1″ Welded Wire
  6. f) Chain Link
  7. g) Electric Fencing

The chicken wire is the most affordable versatile thing that you can use in the most convenient way. The apparatus you will need is very simple that you can find so easily.

You can make the wire fence in 2 general way. One is simple and weak, another is strong and expensive.

Garden fence with chicken wires

According to the 1st way you just need a piece of the tree branch, chicken wire, stapler, wooden pillars, some wooden lumber for a door.

Step 1- Make the borderline to the garden you need to fence. Then select the structure you like to make, it can be the rectangle, hexagonal or other irregular shapes.

Step 2- You need to dig the holes at the border enough large that can hold the pillars. At first, take a tree branch and make one end pointy. Then Put it on the place and hammer to dig. The depth should be moderate like 8-10 inches. But you have to be aware that there should be at least 5-6 feet gap between each hole.

Step 3- Place the wooden pillars into each hole. Be careful, the pillars should be straight. Then fill the root of them with dirt and soil that can hold still there.

Step 4- Unroll the rill of chicken wire. Make a fold for the first tie. It will get more holding capacity. Make staple of the nail that can hold the wire strongly. Always wear globes that will help to protect your hand and fingers.

Step 5- In this step, you have to build a door. 1st 1×1 sized lumber is needed that should be cut in the measure of between two pieces. Cut out a piece of wire to fit in the frame and attach them at the center of the gate. Then frame it with 2 or 5 pieces of ½x ½ sized wood. You may do it in different shapes as per your preference. After that, attach hinges at the top and the bottom side of the door. Now, attach the door with one side of the post and screw latch for the opening of the door also to be secured.

The 2nd type is almost the same as the 1st type. But there are some replacements that are necessary and slightly different tricks. They are the followings

  • The chicken wire should be thicker, and the net should be in square shape.
  • The dug hole should be little deeper to get more strength.
  • The stamps/pillars should be made of strong wood, RCC made or galvanized iron bar.
  • The wire has to be attached in the pillars with the help of metal clips.
  • The door materials should be of strong like metal, wood or bamboo.


Choose the best chicken wire for your garden

Interesting thing is that you can choose and make your own chicken wire according to the purpose and types of your garden.  If you have a huge garden of vegetables, then you need to protect it from the herbivores. So, you can use simple types of DIY chicken wire. Because generally, these types of animals are not ferocious. As they feel any obstacle in their search of food they don’t struggle.

There is an exceptional concept about the rabbit. As they can dig so you will need to dig the soil to close the gap between soil and wire. The wire also should be of close gap boxes at the bottom and larger at the top.

When you decide to have some pet birds like chicken, duck etc then you have to consider their protection. For this type of garden, you should use chain linked or galvanized iron wire. They are very effective to protect your pets like a dog or chicken. Though it’s enough for your garden sometimes as per the garden location you can face some predators and feel threatened. So, you can have a great solution for it. You can attach extra wire at the top to make a roof that can protect your garden from predator birds. Also, you can make it electrified to limit their grazing land and keep the dangerous predators at a safe distance. But be sure that the electrified roof shouldn’t cause any fatal injury or death of any predator birds.

In the end, you can see that the chicken wire brings a great solution for your beautiful garden. Just choose the best chicken wire from the option as per your requirement.


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