12 Garden Fence Ideas to Keep Animals Out & How Easy to Build Them

Garden is a place which represents your personality and efforts. At a certain time of the day, you will keep a period of time for gardening. You can divide your garden into different sections like the flower, vegetables, seedbed, fruit etc. After establishing all the garden, the next thing will come into your mind is maintenance. You will never want that any unexpected animals can enter into your garden and damage the plants. So, fencing around the garden is your best solution for it. Fencing will not only protect your garden but also give the garden a very fancy looks to your garden.

There are several types of DIY fencing system that you can make very easily and it will cost you very minimal. Among them, you can choose your convenient type of fences and customize them as per your requirement. This article will provide you with all the necessary ideas about how you can fence your garden.

Rail Horse Fence

This type of fence made of wood. You will just need the sized lumbers. The fence needs to have 2 posts at both the ends. Take 4 logs and make the frame in your convenient size. Then take 3-4 lumbers and attach them with nails. Now, dig holes and infix into them. You can use clamps to make the attachment to each other. Now make the door by following the same way. But in addition, you will need to make a beam type structure. It will support to maintain the strength of it. Attach the hinge to stick with the fence and nail a hook to the other side.

Split Rail Fence with Mesh

In this process, you will need some timber logs and metal mesh. At first, you have to make the frame and position it to the borderline of your garden. This framing system is a little bit different than the others. Here you have to stick the posts in position. The posts need to have a hole at the same height. Now, the horizontal logs will attach through the hole of the posts. Then take a roll of mesh wire and cover the whole frame. Adding a gate will make extra benefits for your entrance. After all these the fence will become ready to protect your garden.

The Hog Wire Privacy Fence

This type of fence is very effective to protect the garden from small height animals. This fence type needs to have a number of wooden logs to make solid fence at a certain height of 3.5-4 feet. Up of that there you should make a square box with hog wire. This type of fence may cost higher than any other fence, but it will look very fancy that will increase the beauty of your garden.

The Prefab Fence

You will be like to have the prefab fence that may give a decent look with higher strength. First, you have to make a metal frame to support the fence. Now, place the logs 5×5 inched sized and 5×10 inched sized lumber side by side. Once you are done attaching them with the frame you can feel the security of your garden. Make a wooden gate for your entrance. You can paint it if you want and that might add a new point to your garden.

DIY Garden Fence

This type of garden fence is very easy to make. You just need some 1×1 sized lumber to make the frame and a roll of chicken wire. Make square frames with the logs and set up the chicken wire by attaching with the post by nails. You can make it with your own way as per your height, and shape. The interesting thing is you can make it more decorative by attaching a differently shaped fence. You can replace the chicken wire with GI (Galvanized Iron) sheet. You can change the number of it as per your wish.

DIY Wooden Fence

This type of fence is actually an option. It may not look so much pretty but you can make it only with wood. 1st You need to place two logs as the stump. Then nail the wooden sized logs by horizontal orientation one side. At the other side, the orientation of the woods will be the same. In this way, the stumps will be concealed that will be more appealing.

The wooden pallet Fence

Wooden pallet fencing is a very ancient idea that had been invented very long ago. It can be made with a very simple method, but they are very much effective. You only need wooden timbers and some edging tools to make it. First, you need to take 2 timber to make 1 post. The two wooden logs need to be trimmed in such a way that have only one pointy end upright to the fence. Now, orient them side by side and attach them with two logs and nail them parallelly. You dig through the borderline and fix them into the hole. You can make a chicken wire door that will be more convenient for the maintenance of your garden.

Modern metal privacy fence

This is an exceptional fence type. If your garden in the backyard of the house and you want to have the fence then it should be looked more gorgeous. Not to worry! For this fence type, you have a make a frame in random shape you choose. If you choose hardwood for this, the fence will be more durable and stronger. Now, the outer portion of the fence needs to be covered with a metal sheet or Tin. This fence will work as a shield and protect both your home and garden from all types of animals. You can decorate inside the fence and the frame can also be used as the shelf.

Inexpensive Fence Ideas

You can think of a very easy and inexpensive fencing idea then here is a great solution for you. Make the square shaped frame with 4 wooden timber and inside it, you need to keep filling the gaps with role boxed shaped foil. You can use the iron box at the root of the posts that give more stability. At last, attach all the parts of the fence together with largely sized nails. Now, your garden fence will be ready.

The Galvanized Perimeter Fence

The galvanized perimeter fence is a type of fence that is made of wood and galvanized metal. The process you have to follow is almost the same as the other. To make this fence, you need to frame the galvanized metal.  the You can make a flexible height of the fence you desire. Now place the fence all around your garden and attach them with the metal hook or extra wooden posts. It will keep unwanted animals away from your beautiful garden.

Wattle Fencing

Wattle fencing is a very interesting and peculiar fencing system. Softwood materials are perfect for this fencing. If you cut 5-6 trees, then whole the tree stumps and their branches. The large stumps will be used as posts. The soft branches will be more flexible that can easily be overlapped. You have to put 15-20 branches overlapped with each other. Here is an interesting thing that this fence doesn’t need to use any extra materials for attachment. Wattle fencing can be a great solution of protecting your garden or seedbeds.

The Log Fence

The log fence is very simple and the most flexible thing. One thing you just need a number of logs. You can first orient them according to the line of the border. Then just place the rest of the logs up of the logs. This fence is as strong that can protect your garden from any types of ferocious carnivores or Large size herbivores.


If you love gardening, then fencing your garden is a must! Otherwise, the natural beauty of your garden will be disturbed by people & animals. It takes a really long time and patience to make your own garden. For me, my garden is one of the greatest things of your creativity. Fencing will need you a little effort but it will protect your garden from every disturbance. So put that effort to maintain the mesmerizing beauty of your garden. Hope you have found your convenient fencing technique in this article. So, just build a fence and enjoy the bundle of joy!


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