6 Steps to Make a Raised Bed Garden Box from Wood Pallets

Gardening is not only my hobby but also a passion for me. So, for my garden, I am often in need of garden boxes. You can surely buy a garden box from the market, but they usually cost a lot of money. That’s why I like to build my own raised bed garden boxes with wood pallets. It costs just a small amount of money and it is way cheaper than the pre-built boxes available in the market. So, if you are someone who’s thinking of buying or building a garden box then this article is just for you.

You need to follow 6 essential steps to make your own raised bed garden box with wood pallets. So, let’s get started with the process.

Step 01: collecting the materials

Depending on how large you want your box to be, you need the collect some heat-treated pallet first. You can check out some physical stores as well as some online stores for pallets or wood. There are pallet recyclers who don’t pay for some pallets. So, often people give away those pallets.

You may take about two hundred quarter of pallets. These pallets are usually measured out at 20″ x 24″ and save your work and time both.

Step 02: Necessary apparatus

For this kind of project, the backyard of your house is the most suitable place. I also did it in my backyard.  If you have a workbench for cutting the wood it will help you even better. You will also need some tools & supplies. The tools & supplies I used are following:

  1. A claw type hammer. If you have a normal one that’s also okay.
  2. A handsaw for cutting wood. It’s better if you can use a fine-toothed wood saw
  3. A pencil for marking. Try to use a 6B pencil as it will give you darkest shade to mark things.
  4. A screwdriver for preparing the wood.
  5. Short and long nails. The length of short one must be about 2 inches and long one must be a minimum of 3 inches.
  6. Pliers to pull the nails. Preferably a pair of pliers.
  7. Long square shaped landscape fabric.


Step 03: Prepare the wood for plank

Dismantle the beds with the hammer and the screwdriver first. In the event that you see a considerable measure of staples in wood at that point pound them level. Simply know that they are sharp enough and they may meddle with the nails. Hammer your nails relying upon the position.

Ensure that you have enough right estimated wooden planks to do this. Separate your boards into the stack.

Step 04: Assembling the planks

For this step, you need to first take the planks and line up them with a gap of 2-2.5 inches for each of your board. Use the small pieces for making the side pieces. Now, attach the 2 planks by sandwiching 2X2 inches wood. you can use the 2-3 piece for each plank. You need to hammer 2 nails for each of the planks on each of the sides. Now your planks will be ready.

Step 05: Finishing the box

Presently in the wake of following all the above steps, you have to stand every one of the sheets opposite to one another and simply hammer them. Utilize long nails (3+ inches) to hammer the woods. Line up the nails to the strongest pieces of wood on the thin side. Utilize at least 3 nails-one on each side of the board and one on the center. That is it!! Presently you have your very own raised bed cultivate box prepared to utilize.

Step 6: Fabricate the box

In some particular cases, the landscape fabrication is recommended. Take the square-shaped fabrics with the same size of the pallet. Now place the fabric in U-shape on both sides. It will help to hold the soil and its materials and helps to drain out extra water. Now staple them thoroughly all according to the utmost board. Cut off the extra fabrics from the edges.

After you have finished making the garden box, paint the borders of it and add a water sealer to the outside of the beds. It will give the beds durability against the elements. Also, it’ll make sure that you can use the box for multiple years.

Now at this point, your garden box is ready to fill with a good soil mix. I made 3 boxes in this method and filled all the boxes with good soil mix and planted my garden. The crops of my raised bed garden boxes are doing really well and these inexpensive garden beds also look great on my backyard. Even my neighbor gardener feels jealous seeing my garden and asks me to help him in making raised bed garden boxes for his garden.

I hope all these methods will help you for making your own garden boxes with wood pallets. You need to give some extra time to build it up but trust me, this time is worth everything. So, make your garden boxes and enjoy happy gardening!




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