8 Step to Prepare the Soil for Gardening

Have you ever seen plants without soil?? Yes, you have definitely seen but not the real one. For gardening, the most important thing is soil. Soil provides necessary nutrients to your plants. If you are a gardener then preparing the soil for your garden is the first & most essential thing. In this article, you will find tips & methods about preparing the soil for your garden.

Determining Soil Health

The Soil is the most essential element of gardening. If you want to make your garden and sprouting seedlings, then you have to prepare your garden soil for first. Maybe the process seems to be very difficult to do but trust me it is not. You will get a great pleasure to prepare the soil for gardening. It will be more convenient if you want to use the existing soil you have in the backyard of your house for your garden. But for this, you will really need to be patient. Because a little more can make your soil with better quality.

Things you need to prepare your garden soil

You will need some simple apparatus to prepare your soil. They are

  • Hand gloves
  • Garden digging fork
  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Compost fertilizer
  • Superphosphate

Digging the soil

To prepare the garden soil first you need to dig the soil well. So, go and wear your gloves and take the garden digging fork. If the soil has more clay portion then the soil may be really hard. Before beginning, you have to check that whether your soil is dry or not. Dry soil is always convenient for processing. When you start to dig the soil for the first time you may need to use your leg and full body weight if the soil is compact. You will notice that while digging the soil becoming powdered and you will need exactly that thing. You may dig 6-10 inches for your garden soil processing.

Clearing the weed

Weeds are the topmost enemy of your garden plants. If your garden soil has the weeds, then they will dominate the plants for nutrition. This will affect badly for the health of your plant trees. You will find grass and other types of weeds present in the soil. But after digging it will be easier to separate them. Soil may also contain rocks, waste plastics etc. and that also need to be removed.

Soil Texture and Type Testing

After uncovering the soil you need to examine the soil nutrients and minerals level. Soil generally contains sand, silt, and clay. Sand has bigger particles that help to conserve more water in the soil. Silt particles are medium sized particles and they help to hold the nutrients in the soil. Clay particles are the smallest. They are used to make the bonding among all the components. It is important to test the soil with its texture and content to decide the next steps for soil preparation. If your soil has a high content of clay then add some sand to adjust their portion.

Mix up the Garden Soil with Fertilizer

Compost is a type of organic matter which is made of aged manure of cow dung or rotten leaves. The compost is such type of thing that you can mix it in any ratio. As it is natural organic compost fertilizer the mixing ratio of it doesn’t have any bad effect of it.

To mix up the compost is not so difficult thing. First, spread all the fertilizer up the soil. Then take the shovel and mix up with the soil. If your garden soil has a low level of nutrition then you must add the chemical fertilizer of certain type like superphosphate, potassium, nitrogen etc. But the chemical fertilizer should be adding on a limited portion because the excess use of the chemical fertilizer can be dangerous or lethal to the garden plants.


Air is a vital part of soil (about 25%). Just like animals, plants root also need air. Nitrogen is the principal element for proteins and it’s very necessary for the growth of the plants. There are some bacteria presented in the soil and they fix the nitrogen in the soil from the atmosphere. All kinds of plants use this as their nutrition. The aerobic soil is perfect for the garden and helps to spread the roots. Because the oxygen of that air is necessary for the soil and plants survival.

Excessive air into the soil may decompose organic matters so, it may be harmful. That’s why it is very necessary to maintain the ratio of sand, silt, and clay. Beside this, you should be careful that your footsteps can also damage the soil conditions.


Water is essential to make life all over the world. Standard types of soil contents about 25% of water. The density of the soil determines the holding capacity of the water. Plants collect the moistures from the soil.

If the soil faces the waterlogged condition then it can suffocate the roots and soil organisms also cause the rot to roots. Adding organic matter can improve the structure of the soil. It can hold the water for the plants so that the plants can use the water when they need it.


Soil pH is a very important thing for the plants. To prepare and maintaining garden soil testing of soil pH every year is essential for better plant growth. Neutral pH means 7.0 is the best for the soil. Whether the soil is acidic or alkaline, mixing up of the organic materials can help you to balance it. You can use oyster shell lime that can be used as a buffer solution act to prevent pH problems. This can also be a good source for the natural nutrient.


The mulching system will add advantage for your garden plants and soil. You can use both organic or inorganic mulching materials. Organic mulching can be done with straw, hay, grass clippings, shredded bark etc. Inorganic mulches are made of pebbles, gravel, black plastic, landscape fabrics etc. You can choose one of them but the organic mulching will cost you less. Generally, it covers the soil and insulates it from extreme temperature fluctuation. It also prevents growing weeds and conserves moisture of soil that reduces the wastage of soil water. Not only it is beneficial for your garden soil but also for your plant’s survival.


All these steps needed to be carefully managed to have the best type of soil for your garden. I have seen many friends of mine complaining that their garden doesn’t look as pleasant as mine. The secret recipe of my garden’s beauty is its soil. I always prepare the soil with most care possible. So, if you want to build up a mesmerizing garden, prepare the good soil for it first. Hope my article helped you to get a proper idea on how to prepare the soil for gardening. Have a happy gardening!!



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