Regrow Your Own Carrots Indoor from Scraps

5 Ways to Regrow Your Own Carrots Indoor from Scraps

Whenever I eat a carrot I feel myself like the bugs bunny from the looney tunes! We all love to eat carrots. We usually grow them in the garden or buy them from super shops. But have you ever thought you can grow carrots indoors and have fresh carrots without going to the supermarket? Also, growing carrots indoors is much easier than growing it in the outdoors.
Carrots thrive on a steady supply of moisture which is quite difficult to have in the outdoors in the heat of summer. So, you can grow your own carrots easily in a pot in any corner of your house rather than growing them in the garden. When you are growing your own carrots, you will find numerous options that you have never seen in the grocery shops. You might see unusual shapes of carrots and even a rainbow of colors when you are growing carrots indoors.
After reading this article, just go and grab a pot and start preparing to grow carrots indoor from scraps.

Growing carrots indoors- tips & tricks

Carrot is a type of vegetable that is easiest to grow indoors. If you grow carrots in pots, they will fill the pots with dark green & lacy foliage which will enhance the decor of any of your rooms in the house. Indoor carrot gardens look really attractive and really functional. Baby carrots can be grown in any size pots. But to grow longer varieties you need to choose deeper pots.
Always choose a pot that is at least 8 inches deep for growing small to half-long varieties of carrots. For growing a standard size of the carrot, take a pot which is 10-12 inches deep. Fill your pots with good quality potting soil.

Grow carrot plants in pots

Grow carrot plants in potsGrowing carrots indoor by using a scraped pot and some tiny little seeds of carrot is really a challenge. Don’t be stressed about giving them space evenly around the pot. First, fill up the pot will soil. Then just moist the soil with a little amount of water and sprinkle the seeds over the surface. Now wait for some days and you will be able to see the germination. Once it happens, you need to clip out the extra seedling with a scissor to keep the carrots about one-half inch apart. After that, you need to thin them to about an inch apart and keep the recommended distance on the seed when the sprouts become stronger.

You have to place the pot in a sunny window. But with it, you also have to keep the soil moist for seedlings. When the seedlings become about 3-inches tall, it’s time to add some regular fertilizer in the right quantity. Liquid houseplant fertilizer should be added after every 2 weeks. This is a way in which you can get tasty little carrots in your house from scraps.

Usually, your seeds will need 14-21 days to fully germinate. Your carrots will need 2-4 months to mature depending on it’s breed.

Growing Carrots from Scraps on a Saucer

Growing Carrots from Scraps on a SaucerIn the process of growing carrots by yourself, the easiest way is to use some offcuts from the kitchen. One of the common methods is to grow carrots from the scraps on a saucer. You just need to place the top of the carrot into a saucer of water for growing them.
All that you need is to cut the carrot top off and keep the ¾ inch or 1 inch of the orange part intact. After that, you need to place the carrot on a saucer with a little water in it and keep in a sunny spot. You have to change the water every couple of days in order to make sure the saucepan doesn’t dry out.
Within two-three weeks you will spot that the green young thin leaves starting to emerge. Now you can continue growing and harvesting for use in cooking, making the salad of carrots. Also, with that, you can wait to see the delicate flowers appear that enhance the decoration of your house.

Water Method

Carrots can be grown in the water as well. For this method, you will have to cut the top of the carrot. If you have a garden then you can pick the carrot from there or you can buy from the grocery shop. Just cut the top because you’ll only need about one inch of its root.
Now you have to stick a toothpick into both side of the carrot stump and balance it on the top of a small glass. You can use an old juice glass for this because it will somehow end up with different types of minerals.

At this moment, you have to fill up the glass with water. But you need to fill in the limit where it can barely touch the bottom edge of the stump. Now place the glass in light but not in the direct sunny window. Sometimes add water to remain the contact to the edge. Now you will have to wait to see the root sprouting. This is a really a fun way to grow carrots from scrap in a glass and this method is my most favorite.
This method takes less time to grow carrots than the pot method. Within two weeks you will notice the small, light green leaves and the tiny roots emerging.Pie Plate Method

Pie Plate Method

There is another interesting method named the pie plate method for growing your indoor carrots. You just need to involve a glass or ceramic pie plate with marbles. In this method, at first, you need to fill the plate with a single layer of marbles. Now set the one-inch stubs of the veggie right on top of it. It’s a kind of growing carrots in water but here you will add the level which will be determined by the tops of the marbles. It is very helpful to judge the condition. In this way, you can sprout six or seven stumps at the time of sprouting carrot tops. If they are planted all together in a single plate, they become much spectacular to display.

Newspaper Method

Another amazing method is the newspaper method. Here you can use any type of plate and several layers of newspaper. First, you need to soak the newspaper with water very well. Then gently lay the newspaper on the bottom of the plate. But there should not be any standing water. Now, you have to place the pieces of carrot tops on the paper. In a few, days you can see the root of the carrots is spreading. Be careful about keeping the paper wet. Once the new plants become well rooted, you can plant them in the soil. These new plants should be grown pretty quickly. So, your lucky garden will be fascinating with their beauty!
This method is very similar to the water method. You will notice leaves coming out within a week or two. If you start growing carrots at the beginning of winter in this way, you can have them at late spring.

Gardening is a really nice hobby. I always try to get involved with gardening as I can always have freshly grown fruits and vegetables from my garden. I really love to eat carrots and I always grow my own carrots from the scraps. These are the easiest and most appropriate methods for growing your carrots indoor using the scraps. However, you just need to put an extra effort to get your freshly harvested orange sticks indoors from the scraps. So, choose your favorite method from this article and jump into gardening! Hope you find this article helpful for growing your own carrots indoors.


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