How to start a vegetable garden from scratch

Recently I have started growing vegetables at one corner of my backyard. I made the vegetable garden with the help of a scratch. My friends and neighbors appreciated the method much and I had to help them with this process for their gardening. It is really easy and convenient to start a vegetable garden from scratch. So I thought this might be helpful for you guys as well! In this article, you’ll find all the necessary information regarding how to start your vegetable garden from scratch. So, read the full article to know all the details.

Select the Plot for Garden

If you want to choose the site, then it would be best to select according to the types of the garden which plant you want to keep. When it is the vegetable garden it is best to use the land where the plant gets sunlight maximum time in a day. You can start with a small plot of the size of 3x10ft-3x20ft. In one plot you need to make the partition with drainage of with after every 4-5ft in length.

Tool & Equipment need

  • Marking tools, Nylon strings
  • 1-1.5 ft length small wooden peg.
  • Garden fork
  • Shovel
  • Manures
  • Organic fertilizer
  • pit moss/coconut coir
  • Compost
  • Potting soil
  • watering pot/hoses pipe
  • Straw/Hay
  • Paperboard pieces
  • Flexible metal wire
  • Plastic net and rabbit net

Mark the plot

After selecting the garden plot, you have to mark the area. For this set the 1st peg. From there you have to use a marking tool and mark it about 10/20ft (according to the garden size) to the other end and set another 2 pegs. Now from both pegs take 3ft aside and set 2 pegs there. After that, take a thick string and knot with all the four pegs. Here you get the plot for your scratch veg garden.

Scratch the Soil

Scratching the soil is a very important thing in the processing of this type of garden. Here, you won’t need the remove the grass but if any bigger weed presents then those should be removed. Now you will need a garden fork. Here is the thing you have to keep in mind that you don’t have to dig the soil, just scratch it. It’s for aeration to make the soil condition aerobic. So, carefully insert the fork into the soil and move to make room for air. Don’t pull off the soil, just scratch the soil and leave it. In this way, you have to scratch all the soil of the plot. 1 thing you have to keep in mind that you are scratching sequentially that you don’t put your foot step to the scratched soil.

Prepare the soil

After scratching the soil, you have to prepare the soil for the garden. In the case of preparing the soil for this type of garden, you will need to follow several steps. They are the following

Step 1- Take the organic fertilizer and sprinkle them on the top of the soil. Don’t need to sprinkle too much to maintain the quality of the soil.

Step 2- Now put the manures with a shovel to the soil. For this, you have to check that the manures are completely ready to use. Because unless it is ready to use the manure can release harmful chemicals and gases which can be lethal for the plants. After putting the manures take the garden fork again and scratch them as they are being distributed eventually.

Step 3- After making the layer take a watering pot or hoses pipe. For the hoses, pipe takes good quality of plastic which doesn’t release additives because they can be diluted in water and pollute the soil. Water well in this layer.

Step 4- Make 2 inches thick layer of pit moss of coconut coir. Generally, it is very necessary for sandy or clay soil. Again, use the shovel for fine distribution. And then water the layer very well.

Step 5- Put the compost on the top of it. This layer will be almost 4 inches thick that is heavier than the other layers. Compost may be coagulated and it won’t be so useful. So, it is the best use your hand to make them crumbled. Now again water this layer same as before. After done watering, mix up the soil again that will help to layer the water and other materials in an even proportion.

Step 6- Take 10 thick papers one over one to cover the soil. Arrange the papers in such a way that two paperboard pieces make overlapped side by side with each other. After that, water them all again.

Step 7- Put the straw or hay on the top of the paper. You have to keep is loose that the moisture can go a little. There is a trick that you have to put more of them all around the plot. Now, put the cardboard pieces down along the paths and wood chips. Then cover the cardboard pieces with more straw. It will stop to grow the grass or other weeds on the plot again. You will need to cover all the papers because the sun can dry out the soil. At last water them all again for one last time.

Step 8- After every 5 ft make a drainage canal to drain the extra water. It will help to maintain the ratio of water and the quality of your garden soil.

Planting the Vegetables

Once you get your garden soil ready then it is the time for planting the vegetables. It is the best way if you grow the sprout of a small plastic or any handmade tub from scrape from the kitchen. Now, select the points where you would like to plant. At the time of pointing maintain a decent gap between 2 points. Carefully spread the moss at the point getting down to where you have put the paper. Then tear a hole in the paper. After that add some potting soil into it to make a new start for planting. And then take out the seedling vegetable plant from the tub with the existing soil and set at the hole you have already made. For loving care of the plant, you can put some more potting soil all around it and set it nice and secured.

Cover and Protect the Garden

After planting into the soil, the garden is needed for protection. So, you can use a flexible wire which is used in chain-linked fencing. You can easily get it from any hardware store. It may be a little heavy but it will be reliable and strong that will protect your garden better.

As it is bendable by hand, so you won’t feel any difficulties to work with it. Now cut the wire in the length of 6 ft and put in about 6 inches into the ground both ends. So, it will be 5ft above the ground and will make a half circle shape. Now, wrap the wire with a rabbit net of about 7 ft wide and should be long enough to cover your garden size.

Then put some stake on the middle portion of the garden with about 5 ft gaps between each stake. It will work to hold the stand more strongly. At the last stake, you have to drill a hook with it. Now, tie one end of the plastic net with it and make the cover all over the garden. Use the wire and make an attachment with the string that will help to hold the net so tight. Use some more hooks to set the net with soil as well.

One thing you want to make sure that you have to be consistent if you want to make your garden in this way. Every day spend some hours to take care of your plants. Water your plants from time to time. Be consistent at maintaining your garden as in the end-the veggies are going to fill your tummy. To prepare a veggie garden from scratch is one of the easiest ways to grow and have your own veggies. Hope this article helped you in every aspect. Have a happy gardening!



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